The CLS Vision

Gospel Outreach CLS

Train, Equip and Send Christian Leaders
for Africa and Beyond


One of the greatest needs of the church in Namibia is Biblical teaching. Although statistics tell us that over 90% of Namibians are Christians most church going Christians lack knowledge of the Bible. As a consequence of this the growth of false teaching and the popularity of false prophets is growing rapidly. The need to train and equip church leaders who can in turn teach others is of utmost importance.


C.L.S. students are encouraged to go back to their home churches and pass on what they have learned. However we have trained students from other countries and in addition God has sent others into many countries of the world. Currently there are former students ministering in Angola, South Africa, Zambia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Burundi, Cameroon, Ghana, U.S.A. Canada, Germany, Belgium and Holland (some came to Namibia as refugees and were later repatriated to these countries).

Social Background

Students are recruited from underprivileged backgrounds and often have not had the opportunity to receive a good education. When Namibia became independent, in 1989, English was chosen as the first language (there are over 13 Namibian languages). However, many Namibians have not had the opportunity to learn English well at school. English classes are therefore also offered at some of our Bible Schools. Students do not need any qualifications and can be from any Christian church but they must be recommended by their pastors as potential leaders.


Students are not required to pay fees for their course and accommodation but are expected to do domestic, garden or building work as a contribution to the costs. Each Bible School is supported financially by raising sponsorship according to how many students they have each year. Bible Schools are encouraged to also raise their own income (e.g. by cultivating and selling vegetables or raising chickens) and to find ways of becoming self supporting in the future.


The Gospel Outreach CLS Bible Schools are full time courses and can accommodate up to 25 students per year. Students can choose to study for one or two years and graduate with a Certificate of Christian Leadership or Diploma of Ministry.

CLS curriculum

The CLS curriculum emphasises practical application and training in preaching, evangelising and leading worship. Some of the subjects covered include:

  • Practical Theology
  • Biblical Studies
  • The New Testament Church
  • Christian Lifestyle
  • Advanced Leadership


Former students who are local pastors and leaders as well as guest lecturers are invited to teach in addition to the teaching staff.